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About Us

Welcome to the “Ayurvedic Cure” the authentic Academic journal and knowledge sharing platform for Ayurveda diaspora in western world. It is a bimonthly online journal with most authentic information in the field of Ayurveda in German, Spanish and English languages. probable only one of its kind in the world with individual technical content editors for all different linguistic groups. The ancient Ayurveda teachers believe that every Ayurvedic knowledge should be shared for the benefit of the society and it should be accessible to all without any barriers. Unfortunately the conventional health care policies are still unable to adapt a holistic health care approach and effective integration of public health practices through personal development of the patient to an evolved human being. So as the legacy of Sage Charaka– “the great barefoot wandering physicians of the past” still continues through the self motivated Ayurveda practitioners from all corners of our social life. And the legendary journey of Ayurveda continues and carries forward through generations. This journal is a humble effort to lay seeds of Ayurveda knowledge in every mind and bring happiness to every souls. At this time we also want to thank all our teachers and seniors who has lightened our path, We humbly request your guidance and support in this journey. Once again we welcome you to the multilingual Ayurvedic Journal.

Thank you @Editorial team